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Dr Sumita Shankar

Dr. Sumita Shankar has been in practice in AP since 2001. She has had extensive training in both Aesthetic (Cosmetic) and Reconstructive surgery in both India and the Abroad. Dr. Sumita Shankar completed her Medical Graduation from Mumbai. She did her Plastic Surgery residency from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is a Carl-Zeiss Fellow .She is registered in Medical Council of India and Andhra Pradesh Medical Council.

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"Amaze"ing Testimonials

  • I got in touch with Dr.Sumita through a known contact. I have been planning my Breast -Lift Surgery for a long time but was hesitant. After communicating with her through mails, I gained confidence and decided to go through my surgery during my visit to India. My anxiety and fears completely abated after I met this Doctor. I found a very good comfort level with her. I am very much impressed and absolutely satisfied with the results. I am sure she has capabilities of reaching to greater heights. I would certainly recommend her to any one interested in undertaking cosmetic surgery procedures

  • I contacted Dr.Sumita through Just dial Services. As my stay in India was for a limited time, I had to return back to USA in 3 months. I knew because of my Age and previous Brain Surgery I carried a certain Risk. After meeting this Doctor I was very confident to undergo my Abdominoplasty Operation. Her competent, reliable and a very supportive team took good care of me during preoperative and postoperative period, I was discharged from the Hospital in 4 days. I feel light and confident after reducing my midriff bulge. The scar is also almost invisible. I have also invited her to visit us when she travels to USA .

  • After my Marriage I shifted to Hyderabad from Delhi. I have been hearing about this doctor in my neighbourhood hospital for the past two years. I desired to have a makeover of my face ever since, beginning with nose and cheeks. I consulted Dr.Sumita along with my husband for a possible makeover. We felt very comfortable and confident with her. She detailed us with the possible procedures. We decided to go ahead with Nose-Job first. I accepted to go for the graft from my own body which was harvested from my ribs. Postoperatively I was with a Nose Splint as my bones were remodelled. I was very anxious and had a little pain at the site where graft was taken from. But when the splint was removed and a look at my new nose, made me forget all the discomfort. Today, whenever I look in the mirror, I am glad to have undertaken this step. I am thankful to my Husband who gave me support all the way both morally and financially. I am ready for Facial Liposuction as the next step in my Make-Over with my Doctor…

  • I heard about Doctor’s popularity and decided to visit her clinic. It has been my childhood desire to have chubbier Cheeks. I was amazed and relieved to hear this simpler solution from the doctor. I was used to moving around with chewing gums to give fullness to my cheeks. Dr.Sumita explained me the procedure very patiently. I was happy to know that it was within my budget. It was just a day care procedure which meant I could just walk home after the surgery with no bandages and scars on my face. It has been two years now and I just love my new looks. I am so grateful to my doctor and would be happy to recommend her to my colleagues….

  • rom the time I first encountered the Dr. & her staff I felt immediately at ease. She answered all my questions and there was no pressure to do anything I didn’t want to. She is the kind of person that you feel you’ve always known. She was very reassuring, thoughtful,and caring. She was the one person that I felt I wasn’t so far from home (USA). I had breast reduction & some liposuction . My clothes fit me better now & my posture has improved. I feel better & look better. I no longer feel embarrassed from having a too large chest. If I ever decided to have more cosmetic surgery,I would return to her again. She helped in so many ways,but especially her kindness.It would be nice to see her if she were to travel here.

  • For 27 years of my life..I wasn’t sure if I could ever have normal looks like a woman literally. Since adolescence I had been suffering from completely unequal bust line, by that I mean very obviously unequal. With so many claims of cosmetic procedures to correct, I was in a fix & was almost about to give up when I heard of Dr .Sumita Shankar, renowned cosmetic surgeon. Well, I have to admit that I was extremely sceptical about meeting up & discussing my issue but no later I met her I realized that it was one of the best decisions I have taken. The best thing about session with Dr.Sumita is that it’s never like a mere professional consultation; she ensures that she gives the best options that are customized to your needs unlike usual commercial options. Another best part about consultation is her sheer approachable personality & counselling sessions with day to day life scenarios that would really boost your mental confidence. For my situation I went through two procedures with an ample gap of 2 months & now after nearly one month after the 2nd procedure, I look myself in the mirror & wonder if there was really something wrong with me! I look near perfect, like a 1000 times better than I ever looked in my life. Well, thanks to Doc-Genius She turned my world around, a world filled with confidence & hope to a good future!